Care notes (residential)

The care notes screen shows the care tasks that are completed or pending completion.

This is made up of the following information:

  • When – the planned and actual start and end times of the ‘episode of care’
  • Who – the Care Worker(s) who completed the tasks
  • Outcomes of the tasks or risk level of the recorded observation
  • Task information – contains the task names and details

Task completion or result

Emojis are used to illustrate whether the desired outcomes were achieved during a visit:

Achieved, or low / no risk (No action required)

Partially achieved, or medium risk (Some further observation or treatment required)

Not achieved or risk noted (Immediate observation or treatment required)

Task completion

Task completed

Task not completed, but reason provided

Task not completed, no reason provided

Task pending

Task types

General General

Medication Medication

Observation Observation